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I want to pay for my requested (SE 101) docs. How do I proceed? Is there a downloadable payment order form?
Last Updated 5 months ago

Here is the fillable PDF file of the Payment Order Form (on the right portion of this page). 

1) Fill out the necessary info on the form.

2) Pay the fees as per instructions below from the UPD Cashier's Office.

3) Send back the form in #1 together with your proof of payment to SE 101 (via the helpdesk ticket you received). 

---------- UPD Cashier's Office Online Payment Scheme -------

1) Secure first Payment Order Form or Statement of Account.
2) Bank Name: Land Bank
3) Account Name: UPD Revolving Fund
4) Account Number: 3072-1006-96
5) Take a screenshot of the successful payment transaction. This will serve as your proof of payment.
6) Send the screenshot/picture to: 

Please state the College, and attach also the photocopy/picture of the bill and Nature of Payment (e.g. Application Fee)

7) All payments made WILL not be issued an official receipt.

IMPORTANT: Send ALSO the screenshot/picture of the successful transaction to SE101 via the ticket system (as part of the thread of your request)


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